Snowflakes on My Tongue

Winter in Laguna Beach

December, 2003

As a native Californian, when I think about winter, I think about…, I think about…, um, well, come to think of it, I don’t think about winter very much at all. Somehow when the sun is shining and the waves are gently lapping up on the beach, it is hard to imagine snow and cold weather in any form.

So, please educate me! What does winter mean to you? Frost on the windows? Skating on the local river? A cozy fire in a warm cabin? Sliding on snow? Or maybe it’s about packing yourself off to a warm beach in Hawaii? Come into the gallery and see how the artists interpreted their feelings of the winter season. Or click on the images below for a better view of the pieces chosen for this exhibit.

And the winners are...

It was a very close vote. Thanks to all of you who voted for their favorite. I will be choosing the winner of the $50 gift certificate as soon as I can find someone to reach into the bucket and pull out the winner.


Winner: 3rd Place!

Flying South

by George Denninger

Winner: 2nd Place!


by Greta M. Jaklitsch

Winner: 1st Place!

Manhattan Storm

by Nancy Egan

Sledding, 1936

by Elin Waterston

13 Trees (Winter)

by Elin Waterston

First Snow

by Ellen Miffitt

Keyboard Lockup Version 1.4:Like a Deer Caught in Headlights

by Carolyn Lee Vehslage

Snowflakes in Virginia

by Cheryl Crane

The Winter Kiss

by John Newlander


by David Herveat

Thinking About the Winter

by Els Vereycken

Black Umbrella

by Susan Strong Muir

Miniature Winter Wonderland

by Mary Craik

Northern Lights and Moon Over Arctic Island

by Mai Kari Hartvaag Zimbleman

Northern Lights in Starry Night

by Mai Kari Hartvaag Zimbleman

St. Anselm's is Glistening

by Victoria Booth


by Suzanne Riggio


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