This was my cat Lucifer. He was about 17 years old when he disappeared around September 21, 2001. He was a wonderful cat and I miss him.


Puppy Love & Sex Kittens

April 1 to May 10, 2004

Deadline is March 1, 2004

Benefiting the Animal Rescue Foundation & Friends of San Clemente Animals 

Is your Valentine a cute, cuddly puppy, a fluffy, furry kitten, or something else entirely? Show us your favorite snuggle bunny, dirty rat, foxy chick, proud peacock, fuzzy bear, slippery eel, sneaky snake, busy beaver, creepy crawler, lounge lizard, hairy ape, or? ... Well, you get the idea!

Show us your favorite critter or critters in any 2-D or 3-D medium.

 Deadline and entry fees:

March 1, 2004 

$25 for up to 3 entries, $5 for each additional entry


Any 2-D or 3-D visual media will be considered. However, please understand that I have a small gallery. Preference will be given to 2-D pieces that do not exceed a total of 500 square inches (including the frame), and  3-D pieces smaller than a breadbox.


Selected entries, along with your name, will be displayed in the gallery for the entire exhibit.  In addition to those selected for the physical exhibition, other entries may be displayed on the gallery website. Cash prizes will be awarded. 

To be considered, please send the following by March 1, 2004:

1.     A completed application form.

2.     For each piece, send up to 3 photos (NOT SLIDES! I don't have a slide projector.) that best show your work. Include your name, your phone number and the title of the piece on the back of each photo. 

3.      A description of each piece, including title, medium, dimensions, and price. Note the paragraph regarding our sales commission below.

4.      No more than one page summarizing anything you want to tell us about yourself as to why you think we should select you for this exhibit. Please, do NOT submit any boring bio’s or listings of how many awards you have won!

5.      A SASE for return of your materials

6.      A check made out to How Original!  Entry fee is $25 for up to 3 pieces.  Additional entries are $5 each.

7.      Send to:

        How Original! – Puppy Love Call for Entries

        540 S. Coast Hwy, #105

        Laguna Beach, CA 92651  



Click here to apply online using digital images and PayPal!

(You may submit up to 3 images online.)

Accepted work:

All 2-D artwork must be ready to hang. All 3-D artwork must be ready to display. The artist must supply any special display stands or hanging mechanisms. No  saw tooth hangars or clip on frames.


All artwork will be offered to the public for sale.  A portion of the  50% commission on sales retained by the gallery will be donated to the Animal Rescue Foundation and Friends of San Clemente Animals.


Work may be delivered personally or by pre-paid shipment and must arrive by March 26, 2004. Return shipment must be pre-paid by the artist. Artwork must be shipped in reusable containers. NO STYROFOAM PEANUTS PLEASE!

Questions? ...