So, how can I get my artwork into your gallery?

How Original! An Art Gallery in Laguna Beach. Our name says it all. It actually started as a joke. Before opening, we polled friends to help name the gallery. One thought about it for a moment and said, "Gee, an art gallery in Laguna, how original." The name stuck.

As you can see from this website, the work we have here is not the traditional artwork found in many of the local galleries. We strive to offer our clients a unique blend of whimsical works. If the work does not fit in the whimsical category, then it needs to be something very unique that is not typically found in other galleries. We take all media including, but not limited to painting, mixed media, photography, digital, sculpture, wood, stone, and fiber. Unfortunately, due to business permit restrictions, we cannot take jewelry or glass, so don't ask.

We prefer to have only local (Orange County) artists, but we do make exceptions on occasion.

So, if you think your work fits, feel free to send some photos (No slides, we don't a slide projector!), e-mail some photos, or just direct us to your website.

Contact the gallery

Well, that's how it used to work. As of May 31, 2004, the gallery is no longer in Laguna Beach. It exists only as a memory. And, before I start waxing too poetic, sorry, I can't take your work. I have no where to display it. At the moment there are no plans to open in another location. Can't say that I haven't thought of that idea though. Every time I drive by a store for lease, I look at it and wonder if it would be a good location. Well, good location or not, right now I am concentrating on my own artwork and a new venture. So, for now, How Original! is an Art Gallery on the Internet.


Now, if you are an artist in need of some help talking to the public, then have I got a deal for you! I just opened a new site called The Shy Artist.

Here you will find resources, instructional guides, and videos to help you overcome shyness so you can make more sales.