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Enter the magical world of author and illustrator Scott E. Sutton. 


Reading books is like digging up gold.

You get to have all the treasures they hold.

If you find a word you don't understand,

Ask a parent or teacher to give you a hand.

It may be hard and a little scary,

But learn to look up words in a dictionary.

It's a book that tells you what words mean,

And it's one of the best books I've ever seen.



From the Family of Ree series



ree.jpg (80688 bytes)


The Family of Ree




More Altitude Quick!

(Edition sold out)



The Secret of Gorbee Grotto





Look at the Size of 

that Long Legged Ploot!



The Legend of

Snow Pookas



how_to_draw.jpg (75819 bytes)

How To Draw Stuff






From the Kuekumber Kids series


alphabet_alien.jpg (46940 bytes)

The Alphabet


(Edition sold out)


Numberasauraus.jpg (46652 bytes)



(Edition sold out)


Shapes.jpg (57622 bytes)

The Sheik

of Shapes

(Edition sold out)

monster_manners.jpg (70980 bytes)

The Monster

of Manners

(Edition sold out)




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