Photographic Travel Treasures

The travel photography of

Marita Camille Pezman

Isn't it time you had a vacation?

Paris, Beijing, Prague, Mykonos, Rome. Travel the world with photographer Marita Pezman. Whether your interests lean toward the exotic, or if you prefer to stay right in our very own back yard of Laguna Beach, Marita’s breathtaking images are a feast for the eye as well as the soul. Come and see for yourself.

Carousel, Paris

Gaslamp, Rome

God Bless America, New York


You Knocked?, Rome

Monet's Lilypond, Giverny

Mykonos Pathway, Mykonos

Portrait of Venice

Winged Lady Atop Carousel, Spain

Winter Wonderland, Laguna Beach

Big Sur, California

Canals of Bruges, Belgium

Descanso Gardens, California

Happy Budda, China

Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, California

Lake Killarney, Ireland

Li River, China

Monterey Sandpipers, California

Notre Dame Last Supper, France

Notre Dame Nativity

Paris on Seine

Parliament on the Danube, Budapest

Rooftops of Bruges, Belgium

Stonehenge, England

Trinity River, California

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