The Rainbow Cat

by Carla Foster


Rainbow Cats are easy to adopt and invite into your family.  They come in all colors and personalities.



Listen closely.  Hear that purring?  Jamby is in the room!  He is the happy cat who smiles all day long.  He sits at the window and purrs as he watches children walking to school,  Mr. McCoy walking his golden retriever, and Mrs. Holloway digging in her garden.  Jamby knows like is for enjoying.

12x12 acrylic original - $160


The rainbow Cat that is furry and friendly.  Even as a kitten, he was the first to dash to the door to greet a visitor.  Before someone knocks on the door, Chumley knows he is approaching,  He meows at him, rubs against his ankles and pesters him until he reaches down and pets him... or, better yet, picks him up and snuggles him.

12x12 acrylic original - Sold


The water cat.  When you wash your hands, Kipper is right there dabbing his paws in the water.  He knows water is for splashing and spraying.  He licks the water coming from the faucet, and will spend five minutes entertaining himself with his water games.  As of yet, he hasn't quite learned to dry the counter after water play.

12x12 acrylic original - sold