Christine Caudill-Goodhue

"Diverse," "Fresh," and "Designer Oriented" are phrases used to describe the work of this
artist, designer and arts educator.  Christine began her artistic career as a successful interior designer and later taught art to students from the elementary to the university level.  She has won numerous awards and exhibited in Chicago and New York City. Christine currently exhibits in both Kentucky and California.

When asked what inspires her art, Christine replied, "Life!"  She continued, "My art is living. It grows and changes as I do. The mixed, paper media pieces that she presents are layered, richly textured works. They generally contain a form of printmaking and painting. Other components include embossing, hand textured papers or paper weaving. The common thread might be color or the subject, but the outcome is layered textures arranged in a pleasing thematic composition.

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"Redwood Sanctuary"






"Coconut Groove"

"Lady Slipper"

"Morning Glory"

"Earth Song"

"Fire Water"