Fiber Art by Loretta Alvarado

New Work!

This piece is called "Autumn Leaves." It won an honorable mention at the 42nd Annual Anaheim Art Association Juried Competition in April 2006.


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"Memories of Monterey II" (sold)

I have been sewing for over 35 years.  I made my first quilt as a gift in 1978 and I have been quilting ever since.  Like most quilters, I started with traditional patterns made from cotton fabrics.
In 1992 I made my very first art quilt which was titled "The Moon Through My Window."  The moon has become a recurring image in many of my other pieces.  I am a self taught quilter, and I am continually experimenting with new techniques to incorporate the myriad of fabrics overflowing my studio.

"Garibaldi in Kelp"    



  "Pigeon Point Lighthouse"


While some of my pieces are more abstract and concentrate primarily on color and texture rather than pattern, I find myself continually drawn to interpretations of photographs.  My two latest examples of this technique are "Memories of Monterey II" and "Pigeon Point Lighthouse." 

Although trained as an engineer, I have always had a love of sewing, particularly the design process.  Often, I use a computer in various stages of the design process.

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(not for sale)


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"Pieces of a Dream"



I was featured on episode #755 of the HGTV television series Simply Quilts which originally aired in February 2002. In February 2003, I was featured in a wonderful article in Vista Magazine


"Birds? of a feather..." (sold)



"Hearts Afire"



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"It's Mine, All Mine!"



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 "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"


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Dragon's Treasure

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Music Collage Lap Quilt (sold)


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"Who, me?"



 "With a Song in My Heart"





(commissioned work)


"Do I Have to Practice Now?"



 "The Guardian" (sold)

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"Jazz Piano"





"The Red Violin"





Loretta was chosen as the 2004 visiting artist for the city of Buena Park, California. An opening reception was held on May 7, 2004

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