Photo Tips by David Linnig

Get Close! – Fill the Frame

One of the ways many casual photographs can easily be improved is for the photographer to get closer to the subject.

Closing in allows the subject to fill the photographic frame rather than being just a part of the overall image. Also, when we stand back we often include things in the background that distract from our subject.

In the extreme case, some very dramatic photographs are made so close that only part of the subject – a few petals of a flower, a portion of a face – is included in the frame. Viewers still recognize the subject, and we have far greater impact with our image.

It is possible to get too close such that the camera may not focus properly, but this is rare for many of us. And even if we do, most automatic cameras will not allow the out-of-focus picture to be made.

As with the old real estate maxim, three important things to remember to improve your photography are “Get in, get in, get in.”

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