Come join the delightfully dreamy and cleverly cute parade of silk and watercolor creations by artist 

Kathy Crabbe

The Mermaid's Angel

Kathy is a Canadian born, Southern California resident who lives surrounded by ancient oaks in an elfin forest with her husband, 2 cats and a dog.

Kathy invented an alter ego and instigator of fun called 'LuLu' during her time at design school. She was 'LuLu' and her best friend was called 'Scarlet.'

Cafe Cats

Sea Friends

She paints/draws and writes everyday to keep herself sane yet crazy, young at heart and never bored. She is inspired by Edward Gorey, Dadaists and the Celtic imagination.
Kathy sells her work at art fairs, through shops/galleries and online.

Mellow Yellow

Dandelion Fairy

Reproductions of Kathy's creations are available as note cards, 8"x10" and 11"x14" matted, signed & numbered prints, and as 22"x28" digital reproductions on canvas.

Happy Garden Cat

Royal Pup

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