Fiber Art


Judith Anton

Anton is a pioneer in the use of dye pigment as “paint” in stretched and framed works. While dye has long been used in contemporary hangings and fiber art works, dye-painting has recently gained wide acclaim in the U.S., via museums and galleries.  As a pioneer in this genre, Anton’s unique sense of form, space and color bring a rare richness and power to her contemporary works. The result of Anton’s use of dye-pigment as “paint” is a translucent, rich and delicately textured surface, bursting with color and movement. Her works have been said to recall the ideals and philosophy of the Bauhaus School of the 1940’s.

Educated in the US and Japan, Anton lived and painted in New York City until 1999.  Sean Simon of ArtSpeak Magazine wrote of Judith Anton’s very successful,1998 New York City exhibition, ”Viewers were treated to the rich blends and vibrant bursts of color that Anton is so well known for...” (ArtSpeak Magazine, January 1998). In 1999, Anton moved to LA to set up her studio to continue her work on the west coast.

Anton’s works appeals to an international clientele and have been purchased by private collectors in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Anton’s corporate clients include Southern California Edison. “THREE DANCERS”  hangs in their Los Angeles headquarters. Other corporate clients include Imagica Media Inc., Japan and Video Arts Music, Japan. Anton has been featured in several national and international magazines, including  Architectural Digest, and National Geographic, and the previously mentioned ArtSpeak Magazine.


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"Seaside Stroll"


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 "Yellow Vase"

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