8x10 matted original fiber art

by Retta

Musical Cats

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Musical Instruments

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15 harp - white mat.jpg (130040 bytes)
tuba - black mat.jpg (156614 bytes) sousaphone - black mat.jpg (150381 bytes)

The outside dimension of the mattes are 8" x 10" which is a standard size matte so they are easy to frame. If you don't like a particular matte color, I can change to a different one. The available choices are:

Cat mattes: black, off-white

Rectangular: Black with white inner matte, black with gold inner matte, white with black inner matte, off-white with gold inner matte.

Please note: These pieces are subject to prior sale. However, I can create another piece that is similar. Because they are all originals, I cannot create an exact duplicate.

If you are looking for a specific instrument, please call or leave me a message.

To Order call 949-494-1584 and leave a message

or better yet, send an email to

RettaCat @ aol.com

or click here to go to my Ebay store

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