Flying South

by George Denninger

20" x 15" digital watercolor


To my sense, art in its highest expression is a response, not a reaction, to the ideas and events one has experienced. This is my goal: to take each insight and respond to it in a way that encourages others to ponder it as I have.

Let me tell you about my discovery. One day I went for a walk in the woods. My mind was busy with what I thought was the rather depressing work I had to do that day. I looked around at the plants and saw the same ideas I was dealing with - plants competing for light and nutrition, vines strangling other plants as if to dominate them, everything was screaming "me, me, me". Then I stopped, and asked a pioneering question "God, what do you see?" I walked alone quietly for a while, when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a completely different picture. Every leaf, flower, and blade of grass was individually saying "I" "I" "I", beaming with light and beauty. I saw no competition, but a kind of radiance emanating from everything. There was only one song and that song was good.

Over the years many such experiences have made an indelible mark on my life.

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