Honorable Mention - Flamingo Art

Belly Dancer and Belly Dancer's Dude


Gloria Irla-Marlow & Kimberley Mailoux

Gloria is an artist who specializes in portraiture as well as many other forms of serious art. She has been a working artist for most of her adult life, the length of which is not important. Lets just say it has been considerable.

Kim works in the billing department of the YMCA and while not an artist herself is a colorful and creative person in her own right.

Having met while both worked for an office cleaning company in their youth, the two have survived the riggers of cleaning medical offices as well as wheel chair and gurney races in the main hall. Over time their friendship grew. The two tried their hands at all sorts of interesting occupations such as playing wenches at the Renaissance Fair, and clerks in the Renaissance Fair shops. Gloria, a musician, also played music in the Maze while Kim would hand her goblets of Ale under the wall. Some days the music sounded better than others.

Having grown bored with the whole overly retro theme, they moved on to different jobs. Kim is working for the YMCA. Gloria worked for Midwest AIDS Prevention Project for a time and has since become a full time artist. These two wacky individuals paired up to present you with this exotic and humorous rendition of Scheherazade or the flamingo equivalent. It should be noted that Kim wore her Flamingo shirt and earrings while photographing her handiwork. She is always in character.