In the Toilet - An Exhibition of Function Meets Art

Toilet Paper Roll Competition

To go with the toilets and the toilet seats, of course, we need toilet paper!  The "paper" can be anything you want to try.  Make a quilt of "toilet paper" squares.  Make your own paper.  Paint on small squares of paper or fabric and tape or sew them together to make a roll.  The winning entries will be displayed on toilet paper holders, so they can't be too thick.


Send us the actual piece.  From these submissions, we will choose approximately 20.  You may quilt, paint, or decorate in any way you wish, using any materials you wish.  The finished piece must be mounted on a cardboard toilet paper tube.  It must be no wider than a toilet paper roll and must thin enough to be able to roll it up on the tube.  It can be any length you wish, but please, no longer than 6 feet.

To be considered, please send the following by May 20, 2002:

1.       Your finished piece.

2.      A description of your process and materials used.

3.      Anything else you want to tell us about yourself as to why you think we should select your entry.

4.      A check for $20 made out to How Original!



There will be cash prizes given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Your entry will also be displayed in the gallery for the entire month of the exhibit.


The finished pieces will be offered to the public for sale through a silent auction for the month that the pieces are displayed.  Half of the final auction price will be paid to the artist.  A portion of the remaining proceeds will go to the Surfrider Foundation.

Entry Form

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