These images are from the June 1, 2002 opening of the "In The Toilet" Exhibit.  There are lots of images on this page so it may take a while to load.  So, if you really want to see a bunch a people enjoying themselves at an art opening, stick around!

customers_having_too_much_fun.jpg (18633 bytes)

A friend of one of the artists was just having way too much fun here!

Randall_contemplating.jpg (16807 bytes)

Artist Randall Gunter contemplating his next masterpiece.

retta_doing_demo1.jpg (9619 bytes)

Ok, so everyone wants to know what this thing does.  So, in evening gown, Loretta demonstrates the Toto Washlet.

retta_with_customer.jpg (13165 bytes)

Here is Loretta talking to a customer about the virtues of Toto toilets and the whimsy of artist Carla Foster's design.

and_the_winner_is.jpg (17898 bytes)

1st Place winner Colleen Corbett with her winning artwork.

artists_talking_shop.jpg (11639 bytes)

Artists talking shop.

careful!.jpg (20173 bytes)

Be very careful, you never know what may jump out at you!

carla.jpg (15570 bytes)

Artist Carla Foster with her artwork.

group_shot.jpg (17026 bytes)

Group shot!  Gallery owner Loretta with artist Keith Swecker and Kristi Nicholi of Toto, USA

I_won.jpg (10008 bytes)

I won!  A plunger?

keith_with_throne.jpg (15484 bytes)

Keith with his 2nd Place winner, the "Royal Flush."

Lets_get_the_party_started.jpg (18438 bytes)

The backside of a party.

Randall_explaining.jpg (21587 bytes)

Randall explaining the proper use of a toilet.

randall_with_art.jpg (19147 bytes)

Randall with his 3rd Place winner.

the_official_award.jpg (14359 bytes)

Randall receiving his official trophy.

the_winners.jpg (15717 bytes)

Another group shot.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

toilet_queen.jpg (17558 bytes)

The toilet queen herself.

Where's_Waldo.jpg (20747 bytes)

Ok, where's Waldo?  You said he was back here somewhere.

toilet_seats.jpg (16557 bytes)

Another part of the exhibit, the toilet seats.

retta_doing_demo2.jpg (9394 bytes)

More toilet demonstration.

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