“In the Toilet”

An Exhibition of Function Meets Art

June 1 - August 25, 2002

This exhibit was conceived as I was staring at my toilet.  It was sitting on the front porch.  Why the front porch you ask?  Well, it was leaking, in fact it leaked all over the floor.  So, out came the toilet.  The most convenient place to put it was the front porch.  As I stared at the poor forlorn object, I thought why are they not made more beautiful?  They are made of porcelain after all and could be painted just like a beautiful vase.   

A "Call to Artists" was put out and from the entries received, 5 artists were chosen to paint toilets.  They are: 

Randall Gunter

Carla Foster

Colleen Corbet

Keith Swecker

Michael Sullivan

The exhibit will premier on June 1, 2002

In addition to painted toilets, there will also be an exhibit of decorated toilet seats, and "toilet paper."  The deadline for these entries is May 20, 2002.

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