Yea! There's finally some new stuff on the website. It's been a while! (I have a good excuse, honest. I've been dealing with thyroid cancer.) Now that I am starting to get back on my feet, I hope to make some changes to this site. The first one was to add artist Kathy Crabbe of LuLu Design. Have a look at some of her adorably whimsical cat, dogs, fairies and mermaids. 

Gee, an art gallery in Laguna Beach, California, what a novel concept!  Hence, our name: How Original!  Ok, so we are not your standard, ordinary, stuffy type art gallery.  We have lots of fun, unique, and whimsical goodies to tickle your fancy.  Come in and take a look!


Well, it was a novel concept. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, we had to close the physical gallery. And, that leaves me with more time to bring you interesting stuff on the internet. Isn't the internet great?!?!?


These exhibits are over, but you can click on any of the links to see all the cool pictures.


Kitschy Kitschy Kool!


Plastic Pink Flamingos and other Kitsch


Summer 2003

In The Toilet

An Exhibition of Art Meets Function


Summer 2002

Flying South by George Denninger

Snowflakes on my Tongue

Winter in Laguna Beach


Winter 2003